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It was clear that franklin marshall outlet the balance franklin marshall outlet of world power had begun to swing towards the East. In November 2009 we watched in astonishment as Hu Jintao and Barack Obama appeared together during the president’s franklin marshall eshop first official visit to China. The American leader’s low profile when franklin marshall outlet tackling traditionally uncomfortable issues for Beijing—such as human rights—which had always played a prominent role in the diplomatic agenda of his predecessors,franklin marshall outlet was a sure sign of China’s emergence and growing influence on the world stage. Just weeks before, the new incumbent of the White House had approached China with the idea of creating a G2, a Washington–Beijing axis to take the lead in world affairs. Beijing had said no. Why should it franklin marshall tracksuit form an alliance with the United States when world leadership was franklin marshall outlet already within its grasp? With full pockets and renewed prestige, the giant felt strong. And so, in the midst of the opportunities offered by the financial disruption, China began to spread its net wide. Investments worth millions of dollars, long-term supply contracts for raw materials, and the acquisition of assets across the planet offered ample proof that the Chinese world conquest had become a reality which, from where we sat in our Beijing office, franklin and marshall hoodie franklin and marshall basketball seemed indisputable. We soon became fascinated with the magnitude of the phenomenon: What was the nature of China’s expansion across the planet, an expansion based franklin marshall france on the silence of money rather than the military might used by other world powers? Was the Asian country actually colonizing Africa? How close were the military, economic and nuclear ties between Beijing and Tehran? Was the colossus really sweeping away forests in Mozambique? How was neighboring Russia digesting China’s intrusion? franklin and marshall hoody Had China’s tentacles already reached as far as Latin America? One by one, these questions sharpened our curiosity, unable as we were to come up with any answers franklin and marshall bookstore based on facts. Meanwhile, writing on a daily basis about GDP and other variables of Chinese macroeconomics was becoming an almost unbearable routine when we could see that history was changing its course right in front of our eyes, in the oil wells of Angola, the iron mines of Peru franklin and marshall university and the “Made in China” markets of Central Asia. “Let’s get back to some real journalism and start sticking our noses into this business,” we told each other, marshall and franklin convinced that this book would only make sense if we carried franklin marshall outlet online out our investigation on the ground. We would have to go to where the giant’s footprint was most visible—in the developing world. In other words,franklin marshall hoodie it was time to travel to Asia, Africa and Latin America, to see, touch and taste for ourselves how China is becoming a global power.The summer of 2009 was already coming to a close when we began an investigation that would take two years of total dedication. Understanding this “new Chinese world” started off as a bet but soon became a passion, complete with email exchanges full of mostly harebrained ideas at ungodly hours of the night. As we moved forwards and began to understand the key issues and secrets of the phenomenon, the investigation franklyn marshall grew into an obsession. Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones determined to find out more: the American media analysis company Global Language Monitor announced in December 2009 that “the franklin marshall hoodies emergence of China” was the most closely followed story in newspapers, radio, television and the Internet since the beginning of the century, bigger even than 9/11 or the election of President Obama. For one pair of journalists, there could be nothing more exciting than setting off in pursuit of the “news of the decade.”

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